Data Center Brains

If I Only Had a Brain… said the Data Center


My recent blog talked about the fact that intelligent cooling management system reduces wear and tear on cooling equipment.  It does this in part by avoiding short-cycling.  Additionally, intelligent cooling improves thermal stability, reducing further wear and tear on IT equipment.

Beyond reducing the life of equipment, undue wear and tear causes catastrophic failures which are always unbudgeted and expensive.  Intelligent cooling management extends the life of equipment and reveals potential equipment issues before they can cause problems.

Capacity Boost…

I’ve also described how intelligent cooling management allows you to do more with less.  When equipment is managed just right, and efficiency is managed moment by moment, the mixing of hot and cold air is avoided, return air temps are higher and the capacity of the cooling equipment increases.  This capacity boost allows you to add more IT equipment avoid buying/adding more cooling equipment and ultimately avoid or postpone co-locating or building a new data center as your IT needs expand.

Adding a Smart Layer…

Intelligent cooling management can be added in a lightweight overlay to legacy cooling infrastructures.   The benefits are instantaneous.  You gain system-level coordinated control, new insights through visualization of data center floor cooling operations, and sophisticated cooling control diagnostics  –  without buying a single piece of new cooling equipment or hiring professional service oversight.  And these benefits are equal opportunity – they can be gained from old, new and multi-vendor data centers.

Every data center has untapped potential to work better and deliver more.   By giving your data center a brain, you can increase its brawn as well as its endurance.


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